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About us

The Plus One Initiative by Firdous Foundation aims to empower orphans and children in need to reach full potential through meaningful and sustainable engagement that enhances our lives. Our goal is a world where every orphan child has hope, care, and guidance.

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to empower orphans in need through engagement. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of non-governmental organizations and supporters, Plus One Initiative lets individuals like YOU create limitless opportunity for orphans and children in need around the world.


Our approach in achieving this is simple – connect sponsors who would like to make a difference with kids that need their support. We promote engagement between YOU, the sponsor, and individual orphan or child in need, which enhance and empower both lives.


Becoming part of the Plus One Initiative is so simple that you may not realize how much work goes on behind the scenes.
Plus One Initiative is an effort by Firdous Foundation to improve conditions of orphans in need through engagement. We work with Ansaar’s, independent helper/volunteers in different countries, to identify orphanages and individual orphans or child in need of support. The orphanages and individual children are reviewed by our group of volunteers in the Selection Committee through a rigorous process to validate and confirm need and requirements of transparency.
Once Our Selection committee approves their application, we provide you information on each orphan child and a portal to connect to them individually. One hundred percent of your support is sent to the child in needs and our Ansaar’s ensure its being used for the intended purpose. The difference in our approach is routine, independent checks and updates by our independent Ansaar’s to ensure periodical reporting to our supporters, YOU.
Only though involvement and engagement by the people supporting the children can we improve the lives of orphans and children in need through hope, care and guidance. While we provide 100% of you monetary support to the orphanages or guardian, we rely on network of independent field partners to provide us the individual orphan or child in need stories and update on YOUR donation and ensure smooth progress in the life of the child.


100% of every dollar YOU donate goes directly to support the child. Plus One Initiative DOES NOT charge or take ANY money for their work.
Plus One Initiative operational, marketing and management cost and expenses are primarily and solely funded by Firdous Foundation. Firdous Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to build a better society through sustainable charity projects.
Firdous Foundation is funded through individual grants, corporate sponsors, and foundations that make efforts like Plus One Initiative possible.
We are incredibly thankful for the support that has enabled us to do the work that has touched the lives of so many people. Learn more about partnership with Firdous Foundation.